Bertha Harris
Published: 1993
ISBN: 9780814773130
Number of pages: 294 pages

A landmark work of lesbian literature with a reflective introduction written by the author twenty years later

Lover was first published in 1972 to tremendous critical acclaim. Emerging out of the women's and gay liberation movement alongside the early work of writers such as Rita Mae Brown and Jill Johnston, the novel features fictional and historical characters who run the gamut from saint to white trash, and who are by turn vulnerable and strong. One of the finest examples of early post-Stonewall lesbian fiction, Lover paints a fascinating mural of one of the most significant times in LGBTQ history.

In the introduction to this updated edition edition, Bertha Harris offers a window into the cultural and personal milieu in which she wrote. Revealing the real-life personalities behind some of the novel's characters, Harris reframes the story within its unique moment in time, and gives readers new insights into the heady post-Stonewall days. This audacious and outrageous novel is a gem of early lesbian writing, ready to be rediscovered by a new generation.

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